Aug 18, 2021

Create your own strategy and share it to the community!

Each money-making strategy using #dev DeFi is an use case of the protocol, we always want to share more strategies to our community so #dev’s users could find the best way to utilize their assets.

Strategy Innovation event aims to help develop more use cases of #dev DeFi and spread it widely by encouraging everyone to create and share their strategy. The creativity of the community and chances to make money with Dapps are unlimited.

$200 prize for the winner is an added incentive for users to join and have a good time using #dev DeFi.

About the event:

  • The event is public and everyone can join.
  • The event is opened from 00:00, 8/11 — 23:59, 8/31 (UTC).
  • The prize $200 for the winner.

How to join:

Previous strategy guides: