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Since #dev DeFi is a lending & borrowing protocol, lend one asset to borrow and make profit from another asset is an essential use case that #dev DeFi offers. For over 5 months after launching, #dev DeFi has finally decided to support Bitcoin (BTC) as a collateralizable asset. Let’s see how you can utilize your […]

29 Oct 2021

Make the best profit from your BNB using Alpaca vault from #dev DeFi and Pancakeswap.

Hi guys, I would like to present a strategy that I’m using to make money from my BNB. I develop this from the previous strategy, I borrow BUSD on #dev then open a leveraged farming position on Alpaca Finance. Please apply at your own risks. Strategy guide #5: Collateralized BNB and borrow BUSD on #dev. I deposited […]

25 Aug 2021

Strategy #4 is created by an users of #dev DeFi in Strategy Innovation event, the strategy makes use of #dev DeFi and Rabbit Finance to make profit. Strategy #4: Open a leveraged farming position using Rabbit Finance. My strategy is a leverage farming strategy. I borrow BUSD from #dev then use Rabbit Finance USDT-BUSD (Pancakeswap) pool to leverage my […]

19 Aug 2021

Create your own strategy and share it to the community! Each money-making strategy using #dev DeFi is an use case of the protocol, we always want to share more strategies to our community so #dev’s users could find the best way to utilize their assets. Strategy Innovation event aims to help develop more use cases of #dev DeFi and spread […]

18 Aug 2021

Creating a Short/Long position is the most basic strategy when using lending protocol, in this case I’m using #dev and Venus to create a short position. You can borrow BNB with BUSD as collateral on #dev. Here is how my strategy work. Strategy #3: Open a Short position on BNB Deposit BUSD as collateral to […]

17 Aug 2021